Unlike regular laymen, who do not have to constantly think about where they are going and how they are looking, celebrities, especially Bollywood ones find themselves under incessant media glare. Whether it is a hair out of place or a few pounds added here and there, celebs can almost never catch a break since each move of theirs is constantly monitored with a hawk’s eye.

Recently, interior designer Gauri Khan, married to Shah Rukh Khan was in Dubai, along with daughter Suhana to attend an event, where she looked ravishing in a black ensemble. Gauri posted a couple of pictures from the event that was also attended by Shanaya Kapoor.

Now, a new post on subreddit Bolly Blinds and Gossip, compares her pic to the original one posted by Getty Images on their website. Since the new pic looks touched up, the website claims that Gauri has airbrushed her image, in a bid to look younger and chiselled.

However, Gauri’s fans and well-wishers jumped to her defence and asked what’s the big deal about it. One user wrote, “Even non-celebrities do it. That’s why beauty apps and filters exist,” while another one correctly pointed out that, “We’d do it too if we had 100 cameras pointing at us every time we stepped out of the house. They obviously feel enormous pressure to look good all the time.”

Apart from being a designer, Gauri is also a producer – her recent project was Darlings on Netflix, starring Alia Bhatt and Vijay Varma.

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