Mixing politics with entertainment is always lethal. During the Emergency in 1975 Kishore Kumar was unofficially banned from All India Radio and Doordarshan. Now it is another Bengali singer Arijit Singh who seems to have ruffled feathers in the ruling regime of West Bengal after he sang Gerua on stage at the Kolkata International Film Festival in the presence of the West Bengal’s chief minister Mamata Banerjee.
Singing Gerua, it seems, was akin to mocking Mamata. Not done! The mercurial political dais has found a particular dislike towards Bollywood songs, what with Shah Rukh Khan’s other song, Besharam Rang from Pathaan has found an army of detractors.

Coming back to Arijit, the officials are going into convulsion of explanation as to why his New Year eve show has been cancelled at Eco Park in Kolkata. There has been conjecture that West Bengal’s CM hasn’t taken kindly to the singing.
Shatrughan Sinhs jumps to Mamata Banerjee’s defense. “As far as I know Mamata Banerjee, the beloved Chief Minister of West Bengal and everyone’s favourite Didi, is far above such petty politics. She will never go after a singer just because he sang a particular song on stage. She is very fond of the arts, and curbing the freedom of artistes is not her cup of tea.”

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