The Belarusian defence ministry said on Monday it will conduct live fire exercises and anti-aircraft guided missile launches as part of its joint grouping with Russian forces, Interfax reported.
“Military units from the formations are planned to be deployed at four training ranges of the Republic of Belarus in the eastern and central part of the country, after which they will start conducting combat training activities,” Interfax quoted a Minsk defence official as saying.
The Belarusian defence ministry said last week that Russian troops would deploy to the country to form a new “regional grouping” amid claims from Minsk that Ukraine is preparing to attack its territory. Belarus has offered no evidence of Ukraine’s aggressive intentions.
Belarus is a close Russian ally that has provided logistical and political support to Moscow‘s invasion of Ukraine.
Shortly before the Feb. 24 invasion, Russian troops arrived in Belarus for what Moscow described as military exercises, before launching cross-border attacks against the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

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