After doing several impressive roles in Bollywood and other regional language films, Chunky Panday finally made his acting debut in Tamil cinema with P S Mitran’s ‘Sardar’, which was released on Friday. The actor, who recently turned 60, is all excited about his first Tamil film. “I am very excited as my first Tamil film got released. I was offered this film at the peak of the pandemic. When the first lockdown had opened, I actually went to Chennai for the look test. Then we waited for almost 6 months after the look test to actually start the shoot,” Chunky tells ETimes.

“Shooting for ‘Sardar’ was one of the most beautiful experiences. I would say this is the greatest experience I have been through in my acting career. The reason for this great experience is that I have played a character that ages from 35 to the age of 70. So I have two avatars in the film. Similarly, the hero also travels from young to old. So this was kind of a first experience for me,” an excited Chunky adds.

Recalling his first meeting with the director PS Mitran, the actor says, “My first meeting with the director was through a video call. He had not seen much of my work but he had watched me onscreen. He narrated the story and I was blown away by his narration. Though the film is a spy thriller, it has a very strong potential, and hard-hitting social message to convey. So that is what appealed to me and we had a great team to work with.”

Language has never been a barrier for Chunky. “The language also came very easy to me because I have grown up surrounded by Tamil people and I have heard the language all the time,” he shares.

When asked how it was working with Karthi and the director, Chunky quips, “Karthi is one actor who is so passionate about his work. Even the director PS Mitran has made some wonderful films. I play a villain in ‘Sardar’ and Mitran has always loved his villains. To make the lead strong, the villain has to be stronger.”

Ask Chunky about his upcoming projects and he says, “I keep getting film offers but I am a little spoiled after doing ‘Saaho’ and now ‘Sardar’, as I want to be part of the best.”

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