Darsheel Safary who’s still remembered as the boy from ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is seen now in ‘Capital A small a’ which is a short film on adolescent love and teenage relationships. The actor is sharing screen space with Revathi Pillai in the film. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, we asked Darsheel about his first crush.

Darsheel shared, “The memory of my first crush is something I don’t think I’ll ever ever forget in my life. I was in 3rd standard, in 2005. I don’t know how I was even capable of knowing that I was crushing but it was something close to that. I sat with a girl partner for the first time and I didn’t know how to talk. I remember she had those two pony tails like a fountain and she would just turn and those pony tails would also move. I remember observing her a lot. We became friends. There was a time I started seeing her everywhere around me. I wondered what was happening. But I’m still in touch with her.”

The actor further revealed his idea of a perfect date. He said, “A lot of things need to be changed about the idea of a perfect date. If you go with expectations, it’s not going to work like that because then you have to shoot and direct it. I believe everyone has their own energy and as long as you’re aware of each other’s energy and think of matching each other’s frequencies. The moment you match frequencies, even if there are glitches like you’re stuck in traffic or didn’t get a table, you won’t feel bad because you’ll feel good that at least your frequencies are matched. So, for me, it’s more important to connect at a mental or human level. Then of course, maybe some good food or a movie should be good.”

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