Being evicted just one week before the finale of reality show Bigg Boss, Sumbul Touqeer Khan says that the eviction hasn’t affected her at all. Sumbul, who has been evicted from the show on Saturday night, says, “The journey was fantastic and bahot hi kamaal ki rahi hai. I never thought that I will be coming so far in the journey of Bigg Boss. I always thought I am going to participate in the show, will be there for four-five weeks and then come out and celebrate my birthday with my family.”The actress, who is popularly known as Imlie, says, “But aisa kuch hua nahi that I am sad and I am genuinely happy about my eviction. My fans showered me with so much love and made me stay inside the house for 18 weeks! I feel that main sahi waqt pe bahar aayi hoon. I am very happy to have been evicted at this time of the show.”
Ask her what made her choose Bigg Boss at the peak of her career, and she says, “I never chose Bigg Boss and it was my dad who wanted me to participate in it. he didn’t want me to win Bigg Boss but to learn so many lessons about life through this show. I didn’t participate in the show to give a kick to my career as I am already at the peak of it. My journey has been quite real though full of ups and down but I loved it thoroughly. For me, this matters the most.”

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