AHMEDABAD: A day after it ploughed into a herd of buffaloes, the newly launched Mumbai-Gandhinagar Vande Bharat Express hit a cow near Anand station on Friday.
The incident took place in the Kanjari-Boriyavi-Anand stretch of Anand district that falls under Vadodara railway division.

“The collision took place at around 3.55 pm when a cow hit the train on the Kanjrai-Boriyavi-Anand railway stretch. It was a minor incident and has not resulted into any major damage,” said Pradeep Sharma, public relations officer of Vadodara railway division.
The train however got delayed by ten minutes after the incident. After halting for ten minutes, the train continued its journey. No passenger was injured in the incident.
It is worth mentioning here that on Thursday the train had rammed into a herd of buffaloes between Vatva and Maninagar stations. The fibre-reinforced plastic of the nose was damaged as the engine does not have a cattle guard.
The Vanda Bharat Express was flagged from Gandhinagar on September 30.

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