Earlier in the day, Rizwan Siddiqui, lawyer of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya Siddiqui, had shared a teary video of the actor’s house help Sapna who accused Nawaz of completely abandoning her in Dubai without any food or money for her survival. The lawyer has now shared an update on the matter saying that Nawaz’s team members have made arrangements to bring Sapna back to India.

“Here is the Emirates ID of Sapna issued on the 16th Feb 2023, wherein she is shown to be a Sales Manager. News has come in that her ticket to return to India is being arranged by team members of @Nawazuddin_S. However she is still to get her unpaid dues & some money for food & taxi,” the lawyer tweeted.

In another tweet, he also made a correction to his earlier statement about Sapna and stated, “Just a small correction. Sapna just confirmed that she was paid for the first month only. Hoping that she is returns back to India at the earliest and is united with her family.”

It is being alleged that on government records, Sapna was hired as a Sales Manager in an unknown company, but she was actually taking care of Nawazuddin’s minor kids while they studied in Dubai. In 2021, Aaliya along with her kids Shora and Yani had moved to Dubai. Last year, Aaliya returned to India with her son and daughter and were living in a rented house at Yari Road, Mumbai.

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