Songs that are packed with deep meanings always hit us hard in our minds and make us hum. And recently, Lekka’s hip hop track, ‘Kingpin’ left the audience humming her song. The song portrays her as a strong and fearless leader. However, do you know who Lekka believes is the real ‘Kingpin’ of the industry? The answer is Sidhu Moose Wala.

“We all know that Sidhu Moose Wala is the real ‘Kingpin’ of hip hop music His music connected to Gen Z all throughout the world and was uplifting, motivating, and groovy. I was inspired by him and wanted to do something over the way he used to sing and the songs he chose,” said Lekka talking to ETimes exclusively.

“And after being inspired by him, I made the song ‘Kingpin’, and I’m thrilled with the feedback it’s receiving. This song will always be dedicated to Sidhu. ‘Kingpin will undoubtedly be that music that not only makes you groove but also makes you hit with its lyrics,” concluded the singer.

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