Samantha Legge just finished running 21 kilometres and, drenched in sweat and feeling a bit ill, who does she see waiting at the finish line wearing a bow tie and spiffy suit jacket with shorts and sneakers?

Her boyfriend, and he’s smirking. 

What’s that in his hand? Now he’s getting down on one knee.

Legge had an inkling Scott Porter might propose this weekend during the 18th-annual P.E.I. Marathon. Still, she said she was in “absolute and utter shock” when he popped the question in the middle of the street as other runners crossed the finish line.

“I felt a little sick from the half-marathon and then I look over and I see him and I see what he’s wearing and I put two and two together,” said Legge, who finished 106th in the half-marathon.

Legge said she she put two and two together when she saw her boyfriend wearing a bow tie and suit jacket with his shorts and sneakers. (Tony Davis/CBC)

The couple, from Rusagonis, N.B., share a passion for running. What better place to propose?

Porter had finished the half-marathon about 10 minutes earlier, enough time to freshen up and put his plan in place. 

“This is what brought us together,” he said. “And I just thought it would be a great fit since she loves the Island.”

Hot bath with champagne

While Legge was out of breath, she managed to muster a yes and slip on the ring. 

The couple said they would celebrate the engagement by touring around the Island.

“And a hot bath, because I need to rest my legs,” Legge said. “Maybe with a glass of champagne.”

Clay Goodine of Fredericton won the P.E.I. Marathon in a time of 2:59:39. (Tony Davis/CBC)

Clay Goodine of Fredericton and Sandra Cottreau of Charlottetown were the men’s and women’s marathon winners.

Goodine, competing in just his second marathon, finished at 2:59:39, 15 minutes off his first race last spring in New Brunswick.

Darren Chaisson of Souris finished second at 3:00:31.

The course record for the P.E.I. Marathon is 2:30.23 set by Dennis Mbelenzi in 2021.

Course altered due to Fiona

The course had to be altered this year due to damage from post-tropical storm Fiona. But Goodine said it was still striking.

“The majority of it is on the road so there’s lots of people and it’s not quite as boring, especially since I’m not from here, so I get to kind of see where I’ve been getting lost driving around. I know it pretty good now.”

Sandra Cottreau of Charlottetown was the first woman to cross the finish line of the marathon in a time of 3:17:40. (Tony Davis/CBC)

Though she won the Harvest Festival 25K and Dunk River 11.6K races earlier this year, Cottreau said she had no expectation coming into the 42.2K marathon on Sunday.

She finished at 3:17:40, good for 15th overall.

“I never really run to win. I just love to run. But winning makes you feel a little bit better.”

The P.E.I. Marathon is expected to be approved as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

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