Om Puri would have turned 72 today if he had not passed away in 2017. He was once shooting with the awesome Helen Mirren in the French town of Albi for Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom’s The Hundred-Foot Journey.

He was happy to be in Albi. It’s so peaceful and beautiful he had said in a previous interview and added, “I’m very proud of whatever we’ve shot so far. I saw the rushes. I think my country will be proud of me when this film is released.” He also said, “That at my age, I get such pivotal roles in international projects, proves I must have done something right.”

Om was simply bowled over by his co-star the British actress Dame Helen Mirren. The appreciative actor had shared his excitement from Albi, “I have rented my own apartment here in Albi where I do my own cooking. When Helen Mirren arrived for shooting, I invited her home for dinner along with the rest of the crew. I cooked an Indian meal for them. When she arrived I fell on my knees in front of her and confessed I was a fan. Helen laughed, made me stand up, hugged me and said she also admired my work.”

Om was impressed by Mirren’s generous spirit. “She is such a great actress and so devoid of any vanity. I think I am going to have a great time shooting with her. I am not even thinking about all the ugliness that I left behind at home. The one saving grace of my troubled life is that when I start to work I forget all my problems.”

During his lifetime Om worked with some of the greatest international actors including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Ben Kingsley.

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