BHOPAL: Marking the beginning of medical education in Hindi in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday, Union home minister Amit Shah called the step historic, saying it would not only enable the students to study in their mother tongue but also help them overcome the “inferiority complex” of not being “good at English”.
Shah was addressing a gathering, mainly comprising medical students, on the occasion of the release of MBBS first year books in Hindi at a function on Lal Parade Ground here, which also marked the beginning of medical education in Hindi in MP, the first state to do so.
“Language has nothing to do with one’s intellectual capabilities. It’s only a medium of expression. Believe me, your capacity to understand and analyse will be boosted if you study in your mother tongue. It’s a unanimous conclusion of all the studies carried out all over the world on studying in foreign languages vis-à-vis education in one’s mother tongue,” said Shah.
He added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to provide education in Hindi and other Indian languages in technical and medical courses under the new education policy and that he must congratulate the MP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan government and medical education minister Vishwas Sarang for being the first state in the country to start medical education in Hindi.
Education in engineering colleges and polytechnics will also begin in Hindi medium in Madhya Praesh in the next six months, he said.
Chief minister Chouhan, while expressing gratitude to the prime minister for making education in mother tongue a part of the new policy, said that it should have been done after Independence itself but it is being done during the “amrit mahotsav” of Independence. “Those who got the reins of the country following Independence had an English mindset and an English lifestyle. Britishers had left but they left behind English and we now have an ironic situation where Tatya Tope Nagar is called TT Nagar or Maharani Laxmibai College is called MLB College.”
He further said the initiative to start education in vernacular languages would specially help the students from lower middle and the poor sections of society, who have their school education in Hindi and when they join an engineering or a medical college, they develop “inferiority complex” not because they are poor in studies but because they don’t know English that well.

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