Shelling hit a high-voltage power line on Friday at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant captured by Russia, but Ukrainian authorities said the plant still worked and no radioactive leak had been detected.
Ukraine’s state nuclear power firm Energoatom blamed Russian shelling for the damage at the Zaporizhzhia power station, Europe’s largest. Earlier, the Russian-installed administration of the occupied Ukrainian city of Enerhodar said Ukrainian shells struck the lines. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi had said on Wednesday that the plant, occupied by Russian forces since early in Moscow’s invasion, is “completely out of control” and that “every principle of nuclear safety has been violated”. “If an accident occurs , we will not have a natural disaster to blame ,” he said. The Interfax news agency cited the city administration as saying fire had broken out on the plant’s premises, and that power necessary for the safe functioning of reactors had been cut off.
In other developments, three grain ships left Ukrainian ports and the first inbound cargo vessel since the Russian invasion was due in Ukraine to load. President Putin meanwhile was meeting Turkish President Erdogan, who is cultivating a role as a mediator in the war, in the Russian city of Sochi. “The international community cannot end the war in Ukraine by ignoring Russia,” said a top aide to Erdogan, who helped negotiate the Russia-Ukraine grain export agreement.

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