MADRID: Spain briefly closed the airspace over northeastern region of Catalonia and three other regions on Friday as remnants of a Chinese rocket were expected to pass by, emergency authorities in Catalonia said on Friday.
“Due to the risk associated with the passage of the space object CZ-5B through the Spanish airspace, flights have been totally restricted from 09:38 a.m. to 10:18 a.m. in Catalonia and other communities,” the service said in its Twitter account.
The European Union Space Surveillance and Tracking service said the debris would most probably re-enter Earth‘s atmosphere in the middle of the Atlantic and would likely land in the sea, but also warned that northern Spain and Portugal and southern Italy were also within the potential trajectory of the rocket.
“The statistical probability of an impact on the ground in populated areas is low,” the EUSST said. “These predictions however come with uncertainties, and a better estimation will only be possible close to the re-entry.”

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