NEW DELHI: Terming the petition filed by a student for ban on showing advertisements with sexual content on social media and also compensation of Rs 75 lakh from Google India for showing such ads, which affected his studies, as one of the most atrocious pleas, the Supreme Court dismissed it and imposed a cost of Rs 25,000 on the petitioner.
A bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Abhay S Oka said that the petition was frivolous and the petitioner was wasting precious judicial time by filing such petition. The court said that no one was forcing him to watch those advertisements if he did not like it.
Anand Kishor Choudhary, who appeared in person to argue himself, said that he failed to qualify the entrance exam for recruitment in police force in Madhya Pradesh as he was distracted by the advertisements on YouTube. Arguing his case in Hindi, he said that it amounts to violation of Article 19(2) of the Constitution and pleaded the court to examine it.
Choudhary, in his petition, said that he could not focus on his studies because of sexual contents on the advertisements, which diverted his attention from studies, and sought compensation of Rs 75 lakh from Google India.
“These kinds of petitions are an utter waste of judicial time,” the bench said and imposed a cost of Rs 1 lakh on the petitioner. The petitioner sought apology from the bench with folded hands. He told the bench that he belonged to a poor family and he would not be able to pay the fine. The bench, however, refused to waive the fine but reduce it to Rs 25,000.

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