NEW DELHI: All birth certificates will soon come with Aadhaar as states across the country are planning to issue the two documents simultaneously. “We expect all states to be on board in the next few months,” he said. The fingerprints and biometric data are captured when the child turns five. When the child turns 15, the biometric details must be updated.
The number of infants enrolled over the last few months along with the birth certificatewas not readily available. So far, 134 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued, with Assam and Meghalaya being among states where the entire population is yet to get the unique ID. Ladakh and Nagaland toohaven’t reached full saturation as population in remote areas have not been fully enrolled. “We are trying to reach these parts of the country at the earliest and the pace has picked up in Assam and Meghalaya,” a source said. Of the 20crore requests received last year, only four crore were for new Aadhaar enrolments, with the remaining being for updating personal details.
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is seeking voluntary updation of population details as several Aadhaar holders have moved to a new address or have changed their mobile number, an official said.
The updation can be done online, via the mAadhaar app or at Aadhaar centres and even postmen are now being equipped to deal with it. Theservice is available at a cost of Rs 50. Officials, however, said that in case of updates for biometric details, additional security was required.
Some of the states have already worked out ways to hold camps with one of them planning to organise them around public distribution system (PDS) shops so that Aadhaar holders can update the details when the come to pick up their quota of monthlyration.
Pilots have been organised in 40 districts and the progress so far is satisfactory, an official said.

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