NEW DELHI: The Russia-West clash over what Moscow described as a series of terror attacks committed against Russia in the Black and Baltic seas spilled over into the UNSC meeting in Delhi with Russian and British delegations levelling allegations at each other. Russia claimed UK involvement in the attacks.
The Russian delegation alleged that the Sevastopol “terror attack” was carried out by a British civil engineer and with “direct participation” of British authorities. The British diplomats said Russia alone can end the violence in Ukraine.
UK was supported by France and the US, with the latter saying Russia was trying to deflect attention and that its aggression was illegal and had to end. France alleged “States” and “State actors” were violating international law by indiscriminately using drones, like Russia against Ukraine.
According to the Russian defence ministry, a British Navy unit was involved in plotting, organising, and implementing the attack in the Baltic on September 26 to blow up Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines.

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