FRONTLINE NEAR KHERSON: Ukrainian troops pushed forward and a battle-scarred stretch of the front fell silent on Thursday, after Moscow ordered one of the war’s biggest retreats, though Kyiv warned that fleeing Russians could still turn Kherson into a “city of death”. A group of Ukrainian soldiers was shown on Ukraine’s state TV being greeted by joyous people in the village of Snihurivka 55 km north of Kherson city, with a Ukrainian flag fluttering above the square behind them. “Today, on November 10, Snihurivka was liberated. . . Glory to Ukraine!” a commander declared as locals applauded and cheered for the soldiers.
A few kilometres away, in a devastated frontline village in an area already held by Ukrainian forces, the guns had fallen silent for what residents said was the first quiet night since the war began. “It’s like there was no war,” said Nadiia Nizarenko, 85, her face lit by a bulb powered by a car battery in the cramped apartment that she, her daughter and son-in-law had refused to abandon as fighting had raged daily around them. “We hope the silence means the Russians are leaving. ”
Ukraine’s army chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi said Ukrainian troops had advanced 7 km inthe past 24 hours and had recaptured 12 settlements in the south, although he would not confirm whether Russia was indeed pulling out as announced. “We continue to conduct the offensive operation in line with our plan,” he said.
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself mentioned Kherson just once in his daily overnight TV address. Ukrainian forces were strengthening their positions “step by step” in the south, he said. “The enemy will make no giftsto us. ” Kyiv’s public wariness may in part reflect its urge to keep its own operations secret as it plans to inflict as much harm as possible on the thousands of Russian troops likely to need to be transferred across the river by ferry. Asked about Kherson in an interview with CNN aired on Thursday, Zelenskyy said he could not give details, because “I want to have an unpleasant surprise for the enemy and not something that they’re prepared for”.

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