VARANASI: The Varanasi district judge on Tuesday fixed October 14 as the date to deliver its order on the demand of four Hindu women plaintiffs for carbon dating of a purported ‘shivling‘ claimed to have been found in the ablution pond of Gyanvapi mosque during a court-ordered survey on May 16 this year.
“With the end of arguments of all sides on carbon dating and scientific probe of the ‘shivling’ and its constituents, district judge Ajay Krishna Vishvesha reserved his order for October 14,” district government counsel (civil) Mahendra Prasad Pandey told TOI.
During Tuesday’s hearing, Anjuman Intezamia Masajid – the Gyanvapi mosque management committee – opposed the demand for carbon dating and scientific investigation of the purported ‘shivling’. AIM lawyers argued that as “the SC order of May 17 to protect it is prevalent, such a structure can’t be disturbed”. Countering the AIM contention, Vishnu Jain, the lawyer for the four plaintiffs (2 to 5) in the case, said: “The SC had empowered the Varanasi district judge through its May 20 order to dispose all applications related to the case.”
Apart from AIM, plaintiff No 1, Rakhi Singh had earlier opposed the demand for carbon dating on September 29. Her lawyer Maan Bahadur Singh had mentioned that the process was not possible without damaging the ‘shivling’ as taking chemical or physical particles would be a must for such a scientific investigation.

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