Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly, which released back in 2013, has garnered a cult following over the years. In a recent interaction with a movie database platform, Anurag revealed he had given different briefs to different actors on the film and the outcome of that madcap approach was worth it.

He told IMDb India, “Initially that sequence was a three page scene on paper. And it was the first day of shooting. And this was the first time I was working with Girish Kulkarni and Rahul Bhat. When we went into the scene, Rahul was over prepared and Girish was the only one who had read the script. Because he was a writer, I had shared the script. But with Vinit and Rahul, I had not shared the script. They did not know what film I was making. I got an idea from when we were rehearsing the scene. I gave different instructions to different actors”.

He further revealed, “And when we went into the scene. Everybody followed the separate brief that was given to them and they had not talked to each other. That scene was 14 mins. It could have gone on for longer. But I was laughing so hard. I fell on the floor laughing”.

Ugly received generally positive reviews upon release. While the film didn’t earn big bucks at the box office, in the following years it’s amassed quite the fan following.

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