Story: Galadriel, the uber-elf warrior is hunting for the evil sorcerer Sauron who led orc armies, and the blood lust of Mordor to destroy the lands of the living. Even as she insists, elf rulers go against her and declare the end of the war. The simple life of hobbits and the conflicted universe of humans living under elfin rule emerge to show a disunited world. But as great evil hints at a destructive return, those living must unite to fight.

Review: Based on the first few episodes, it was assumed that it would be a tough ask for ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ to match the intrigue and the benchmarks that the films had created. But it seems the series got its act together after episode five and eventually succeeded in delivering a satisfying finale and closing in most of the gaps that viewers had been asking for. Apart from making character revelations, the finale also introduced and brought into the fold some new characters. The final episodes also focussed on characters that were left out or marginally sketched in the initial episodes. Now, if the series succeeds in teasing viewers about things to come and making them wait for the next season, it has virtually won the battle.

The various questions that had plagued viewers mostly related to Sauron. Everyone was interested in knowing if Halbrand is Sauron or when the Balrog would awaken. The finale manages to answer most of the questions that have intrigued viewers. After the lull in episode 5 and slight movement in episodes 6 and 7, the finale kicks off in full throttle when The Stranger is tracked down by Poppy, Sadoc, and Harfoots Nari. Soon after The Dweller and her two mates reveal themselves as servants of Sauron. Before one is able to digest these revelations, we are soon informed that Daniel Weyman’s lad is the dark lord reborn. The truth, though, is otherwise. On the other hand, Miriel’s father is dead, and in her absence, Chancellor Pharazon is trying his best to gather sympathies against her leadership. The finale also informs us that Isildur has survived after having gone missing. In Eregion, Halbrand is successfully able to heal all his wounds.

Ardent fans of the series must have surely noticed the presence of the outline of a moth burst from The Stranger’s body. This only signifies that Gandalf is not far off. The elves are now in possession of three rings, and a lot is yet to happen. After tying so many loose ends, coupled with character revelation the series could have definitely devoted some space to the character of Celebrimdor.

It can safely be said now that the finale of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ ties all the loose ends that were witnessed in the previous episodes. To be honest, the series finale reveals many things and beautifully makes way for an entertaining season two. If the makers of season two are able to keep pace with the season one finale’s momentum, it’s a foregone conclusion that the next season might just break viewership records. The first few episodes of the adventure series have been an oddly paced affair that later coalesced to deliver a cracking finale. We can’t wait for season two.

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